Frequently Asked Questions

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Fill up the form as accurately as possible, submit and wait for a reply from us.

Usually final rates will be quoted in the contract depending on certificate, logistical and skillset requirements, location of rig and other circumstances. We will send you a reply within 3 working days.

Please provide us with the following.

  1. Name of Rig Vessel and locations of voyage and drilling operations
  2. Muster of Personnel on board and positions required
  3. Operations commencement date and mobilization schedule
  4. Contract period, i.e 1-3 years and the relationship of employing company. (Drilling company or Superior Energy company?)

Ponco sends all our workers for training at schools such as Proxis, which is MIGAS approved. We screen all certificates and vet that they are original through the authority websites to ensure that they are valid and genuine. We also keep a database record of all the crew including blacklisted individuals who have been caught using fake certificates from previous companies.

We provide services to help companies apply for permits and licensing, administrative support and staff such as crew co-ordinaters (local and expat), rig clerks, transportation services, training arrangements and among many other things, operational and logistical support.

Ticketing terms and agreements depend on case to case basis.
The drilling contractor can choose to arrange all flight for the crew for each rotation or let Ponco handle this.
The charges back is at cost price plus 10% basis.

Ponco can handle most Visa application and arrangements.
However, depending on the country of operations, Agency must handle this aspect with immigration.
Ponco charges back cost price plus 10% basis.

Ponco usually handles transportation from crew's home to crew change point.
For Helicopter or Ship transport to rig site, Drilling contractor must arrange this independently.

Most important is duration for crew's work permit arrangements. i.e Rotation on 28 days on/ 28 days off.

On top of crew salaries, factors such as ticketing, visa, life insurance, medical insurance, agencies fees will be charged back at cost plus 10% basis.
Accommodation, food and beverage is usually covered by the drilling company.

Ponco uses BUPA Oil & Gas for Medical insurance.
If life insurance is a requirement, Ponco can manage this with the charges back at cost price plus additional 10%.
(If the company uses a different vendor, please advise the details of policy)

For transparency and calculation purposes, details of tax free transactions, specific and other deductions must be declared.
Ponco always quotes and invoices prices without any hidden costs and declares all our additional rates.

Training and other certificate requirement other than general standards for each position can be obtained by upgrading crew.
(If other specific training certification is required, Ponco will cover this and charges back will be at cost price plus additional 10%)