Medical Evacuation

23rd of February, 2015 - Matheis Ary Patty was evacuated back to Jakarta on a flight ambulance to be reunited with his family. Ary Patty was working as a painter onboard the COSL Power oil rig, when his crew mates reported to the medic that they he was in severe pain and was unable to speak coherently. Ary had suffered an infection which sufficed in a blood vessel near his brain. In more common situations, infections in the blood vessels are usually non life threatening, unless developed in areas closer to vital organs.

Singapore Operations Manager, Darryl Lim, was notified about the necessary and immediate medical attention needed for Ary Patty. Luckily for this seaman, the oil rig which he was working on was not yet drilling offshore, and was still docked for maintenance at Keppel Fels Shipyard. He was promptly admitted into an ICU ward to receive treatment at Raffles Medical Center.

Fighting for his life, there was a big concern that Ary Patty and his family would not have the time and chance to say their last good-bye’s. Fortunately, Ary’s conditioned stabilized and doctors cleared him fit for the flight ambulance which would take him back to Jakarta Hospital where his family could visit him. Worried about his employee’s life, Robin Pho, CEO of Ponco Pacific, made the decision to return to Singapore immediately and oversee the medical evacuation personally.

Sensing the vulnerability and fragility of life, Robin Pho decides to ask Darryl Lim to come along the flight to help supervise the evacuation. Accompanied by 2 doctors, Ary is transported to Sembawang airport into the flight ambulance and arrives at Jakarta airport where ambulances are on standby. After being transferred from the airport to the hospital, he is reunited with his family and discharged after 2 weeks. His condition is stable but he is still resting in his home as he is still not fit to work.